When God Speaks with Silence


God’s faithfulness speaks loudest in the silence

Don’t mistake quietness for a lack of guidance

He brought you here without saying a word

Don’t mourn because it’s not what you preferred

God doesn’t have to give you an explanation

Just trust that He’s leading you to your destination

Even in the silence, His hand still remains true

Just as He promised, He will be faithful to you


Waiting on God


While it’s true that patience is a virtue

That doesn’t mean the wait won’t hurt you

This is the perfect time to persevere

Instead of turning and running in fear

You know God is putting your faith to the test

Will you trust Him while He takes care of the rest?

Remain faithful to Him and endure to the end

For the reward that brings joy you will never comprehend


Pick Up the Sword


The Word of God is sharper than any double-edged sword

Yet far too often, it lies on your shelf entirely ignored

So in the moment you find yourself facing temptation

You struggle immensely to get out of the situation

The desire to overcome is overcome by the desire to sin

Keeping you away from the Word and the truth within

So you keep falling and falling, over and over again

If you want to be free, pick up the sword and use it to conquer your sin


What Faith is All About


Not a day goes by without this thought

A pursuit worth the war to be fought

Echoing silence from the dream pursued

Even though in the distance it can be viewed

A matter of time, but you know not when

Let this not discourage you from within

Take the next step and do not doubt

Pursue your dream and learn what faith is all about


The Shadow in the Distance


A sight beheld from the perspective on high

Seen uninhibited with the naked eye

Even through the darkness that did appear

There remains nothing left for me to fear

God’s faithfulness still shines just as bright

Casting the shadow even in the night

Showing my future be written by His hand

And nothing can change what the Lord did command


Just Let Go


The past that holds you down in despair

Always on your mind in consistent warfare

Even though you hear that forgiveness reigns true

The guilt of that sin still finds its way to you

When Christ hung on that cross, He bore all of your guilt

And forgave every trespass by the precious blood He spilt

Therefore the guilt you bear has already been atoned for

Because of Christ, you do not have to hold on to that guilt anymore


The Struggle to Surrender


If I knew what You knew, I’d ask for what you have given

Not asking for some other fantasy to live in

Though I find it hard sometimes to be content

Being ungrateful is never my intent

At least I know this path for me is written

I don’t have to worry about where this or that will fit in

It really is a complete surrender to Your will

I wish my flesh wouldn’t struggle to trust You still

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