The Lesser Light


Seen or not seen depending on when you take a glance

Placed there for a purpose in the midst of the expanse

Called the lesser light, but governs the ocean tides

Never take for granted the services it provides

How often do we ignore those things we deem less

Even though they be crucial to our success

Those which we ignore and cast aside with insignificance

Are often the instruments of God’s most brilliant magnificence

So in those times when it cannot be seen

Remember it’s still there somewhere in between

Be patient and at the right moment in your sight

Your eyes shall again see the lesser light


The Blessings from the Storms


The storm God brings carries a blessing in disguise

Not every blessing will be wrapped up like a pleasant surprise

Those that require endurance until the very end

Give us the strength to endure those storms again and again

For our ultimate reward is still yet to come

On that day when He ushers in His Kingdom

His face, our eyes finally shall see

And enjoying for all eternity

In that day, those storm’s value will be known

When your eyes on fixed on Him on the throne

Knowing that each and every storm was worth the pain

Truly, for us to live is Christ and to die is gain


Afflicting Grace


A temporary affliction

Brings necessary conviction

So the soul cries out for repentance

To be saved from an eternal death sentence

An awareness of the sin within

Causes a new battle to begin

Remember, you will not fight unarmed

Though your enemies are great, be not alarmed

The sword in your possession

Holds the key to your progression

Where eternal life is ultimately found

And where grace does most definitely abound

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