A Single Strike

I’m standing right in front of you
What’s seen can be faked
The inner struggle can be hidden
Like covering a scar with makeup
It’s still there, you just can’t tell
The smile of which you may know
Was only shown to hide the pain
It’s still there, you just can’t tell
Which is exactly my aim
While it seems like I have it under control
There’s a war raging on the inside
And you had no idea what was happening

This is far too difficult for me
Retreating entertained me more than once
Strategy needed changing or I would lose
It’s easier just to back away, though
My defeat was imminent
Approaching me in the distance
If I ran away, perhaps I could delay it
Either way, so soon would I be consumed
And there was nothing I could do to stop it

What a fool I was to think I could win this alone
Pride wanted me to believe I could
That lie is the reason I am about to lose
Every moment the enemy gets closer
If I have any chance to survive this
My only hope is to cry out for help
Somehow…I know I need help
I don’t have to do this alone
I never realized this before
Something is different

I know of a name that I can call upon
Thinking that I knew Him before
He and He alone is my only hope
I never wanted to ask Him for anything
What He could do did not matter to me
I wanted the glory for winning this battle
That pride caused me to be slaughtered
Even though this cry for help comes late
I hope it’s not too late to save me from this

As I watched them grow closer to me
The overwhelming presence of my enemy
Knocked me to my knees
Leaving me in perfect position to pray
Jesus Christ, please save me
Before I am completely destroyed
I am helpless
I cannot live without You
Save me, Jesus

He did; He saved me
In that moment, when I was defenseless
In complete and total spiritual bankruptcy
He snatched me from the enemy’s hand
Just as I was about to be overtaken
He took away the power of darkness
That soon would have obliterated my soul

Like dust they vanished before my eyes
Carried away by the wind
For the first time in my life: peace
Now I be overwhelmed by something new
No longer by sin nor my enemies
But by the grace and mercy of God
Who saved me from certain death

When I take time to ponder the thought
Of how He totally erased my enemies
With a single strike, a single strike
The supremacy of this Christ does strike fear
That I would have dared to sin against Him
Yet have lived in that sin willingly
Choosing the sin over the Savior
This no longer shall be my walk
I’m standing here right in front of you
A former slave to sin
Now free

Seeking sympathy is not my aim
Which is why you knew not of the war
Precisely what I was hoping to accomplish
Now, I realize the foolishness of my pride
Wars are more easily won with allies
Brothers and sisters who will stand alongside
On the front lines together, hand in hand
Helping each other fight the wars we have
But even I chose to go in alone
And it nearly destroyed me

This is my story
Fight the good fight
But don’t make my mistakes
Cry out for help whenever you need it
Swallow the pride that has bound your soul
Confess your helplessness to Christ
And He will come down and save you
Destroying your enemies with a single strike
Their existence be but a memory
Cry out to the Lord
He will save you

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