The Desert

It represents what we do not know and what we do not see

A calling so difficult to follow, even hearing who gave the decree

Out of the comfort zone where we rest in peace

Into the barren wilderness, so that our faith may increase

When we are called into the desert

We are not promised that the steps will not hurt


Here, we often grow weary with unquenchable thirst

So that when we find ourselves at our worst

We realize our total dependence upon Christ

The One for whom the Father sacrificed

In order that we may be made right with the Lord

Giving us something to keep our eyes fixed toward


Our sight often be so narrow and dim, we care not to even glance

While He knows full well of His intention for this circumstance

He simply calls us to trust Him further than He can be seen

Never out of spite or in an attempt to demean

This call is for our own benefit and maturation

Ultimately helping us reach our final destination


In the desert, never cease your lips from praise

For while you did not know if He would meet you there

Every step you took, He was there with you always

And while it did so seem that this task you could not bear

It was He that have you the strength to keep going

Even the wasteland could not stop you from growing


Which is precisely why He called you here in the first place

Even though it has been hard, you were given abundant grace

Not only to make it in the desert, but to come out

With faith that will carry you for when you doubt

And when those times come, remember God in the wild

Who took you where your faith could grow, bringing you back reconciled


The desert is not always the worst place to find yourself

God may call you here to show you more of Himself

Where you depend on Him like never before

And even though you may not know what He has in store

Not only will He meet you where He calls you

You can be assured that He will carry you all the way through

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