A Christ-less Eternity

The fire that cannot be quenched

Your soul eternally entrenched

Weeping and gnashing of teeth

Down into the abyss beneath

Into the fiery lake of burning sulfur

This is the punishment for following a worldly culture

That chose to curse and deny Christ, the Savior

When you stand before Him, you will have no excuse for your behavior

Your choice to pursue worldly lust

Renders a judgement from the King who is just

Sentenced to a Christ-less eternity

Cast down into the pit forcefully

Where the appetite of the worm never ceases

As it rips your flesh into pieces

Even at the same time your flesh is aflame

Everlasting destruction and disdain

Torment day and night, forevermore

Because of the sin you did not repent for

The smoke of torment rising forever and ever

No relief shall come to those there, none whatsoever

There is no escape from the fire

At no point will this divine wrath and justice ever expire

Resulting from a lifestyle of perversity

This is your future; a Christ-less eternity

Even though the path you walk be deep and wide

It be not too late to set aside

The sinful life to which you were born enslaved

From your nature, from conception depraved

So close the burning sulfur smell

Gives you a taste of the realities of hell

And though you hear the gates of hell shake

You feel the ground beneath you quake

Seeing the flame from the fiery lake

The chains that hold you, Christ and only Christ can break

Even on the highway to hell

With the sound of the echoing death knell

Nothing can stop the hand of Christ from reaching to the fallen

To those who feel like they are forgotten

Pulling you out of the path that leads to torment

He can change your heart to repent

A plea to save from destruction

Recognizing your internal corruption

That separated you from He that created

But His blood so powerful, your sentence vacated

Blood that covers the debt to God that you owed

Oh, precious was it that flowed

What is dead can be made whiter than snow

But a transformation you must undergo

Starts with understanding the reality

Of your own mortality

And the future that you are sprinting toward

An eternity separated from the Holy Lord

The Good News simply put is that The Son came to die

It was He they did scourge and crucify

Nailing him to a tree

For all of Jerusalem to see

He who knew no sin became sin for our sake

The curse of sin He did break

He gave His life and took His people’s place

Where we should have been, but by His grace

The wrath of God completely satisfied

And when He took His last breath and died

The last of which He aloud cried

To His father to give up His Spirit

For your soul, in order to secure it

And on the third day, He walked out of the grave

Death could not make Him a slave

He conquered death and Hades and emerged with their key

Setting you free from a Christ-less eternity

Repent of the sin which leads you astray

From eternal life and the only Way

Call upon Christ, the Name above all names

Only through His Name can you be saved from eternal flames

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